Dr. Hal Urban
Teacher | Author | Speaker
"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."
- Aristotle
"It is impossible to improve our individual lives or our society without genuinely caring about and striving to improve personal character."
- Russel W. Gough

Character Education

Since 1992 Hal Urban has been passionately dedicated to the Character Education movement, and is recognized as one of the leaders in the field. What is Character Education? His definition is: "Bringing out the best in our young people – helping them discover the good in the world, in others, and in themselves, and then acting on it."


Hal was an award-winning teacher for 36 years. Since leaving the classroom he has devoted his life to passing on the best of what he learned about effective teaching to today's teachers – at all grade levels. He does this through his writing and speaking.


The central theme of Hal's seven books is the importance of good character – what he calls "old-fashioned goodness." It never goes out of style. It all started with his best-selling Life's Greatest Lessons. He's been building on those lessons ever since. His latest book (2018) is Grandpa's School of Life.


Hal has been speaking both nationally and internationally since 1992. He speaks at conferences, schools, businesses, service and civic organizations, government, and places of worship. His talks are for kids, teens, young adults, adults, and senior citizens.
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“If future teachers and those already in the classroom were to read one book to help them become the best teacher they could be, they could do no better than Lessons from the Classroom 20 Things Good Teachers Do. There’s wisdom, inspiration and nuts-and-bolts guidance on every page.”
-Dr. Thomas Lickona, Author
Educating for Character
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A short, uplifting, and enjoyable read about being a good person and discovering the real meaning of success. This is Character Education at its best!
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Life’s Greatest Lessons is a wise, wonderful book. In it, Hal Urban, a parent and an award-winning teacher, presents twenty principles that are as deeply rooted in common sense as they are in compassion. The topics, gathered from a lifetime of teaching both children and adults, span a wide range of readily understood concepts, including attitudes about money, understanding the real meaning of “success,” and the importance of having fun. The book will help you find the best—in the world, in others, and in yourself. Classic in its simplicity and enduring in its appeal, Life’s Greatest Lessons helps us all rediscover that the desire to live a good life is timeless.
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